MAHT Annual Meeting and 40th Anniversary!

The MAHT BoardIt was June so that meant it was time for the MAHT Annual Meeting.

This year's meeting was unlike any previous MAHT meeting. It was the milestone anniversary meeting of MAHT turning 40!

An good and productive time was had that Saturday morning with recognition awards given out to several tenant groups (some of them new) and the MAHT Civic Engagement Team (Thanks Ivonne, Art, Cheryl, Louis, Rob, Laura, Cherai, Carmen, Eric, Prendee and others). Plus there was the election of the new MAHT board pictured at left.

Forbes Tenants         


Mary Yeaton, one of the founders of MAHT was also in attendance. She walked us all down memory lane with a fascinating speech on those early days and the formation of MAHT. We expect to have more of Mary and other memories and reflections of MAHT, its history and victories, as the year moves on.  

Happy 40th Anniversary MAHT!

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