MAHT Fights to Reform and Increase State Rent Subsidies

Many MAHT tenants, particularly in state-subsidized Section 13A mortgage buildings, receive rental assistance from the Mass Rental Voucher Program (MRVP). But for 25 years, low income MRVP ten-ants pay 40% of their income for rent.

MAHT has proposed legislation to lower MRVP rents from 40% to 30% of income, in line with the federal Section 8 pro-gram. MAHT tenants from the Forbes Building in Jamaica Plain and Mercantile Wharf in the North End met with Rep. Kevin Honan, Chair of the Housing Committee to support the plan.

MAHT is also helping to lead a new coalition, Housing and Environment Revenue Opportunities (HERO), to double the deeds excise tax and target $300 million for housing and climate—including $60 million for MRVP!


“ Every one of us in MRVP would feel more secure with dropping our 40% rent to 30% of income, and that security is crucial to help alleviate the stress it creates.” —Susan Strelec, Forbes Building

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