Pass Legislation to Save Our Homes!

20170203_115416.jpgTo supplement Chapter 40T, the legislation can pass the Enabling Act to Save Affordable Housing, SD 947 filed by Sen. Chandler, or HD 2805 and HD 3203 both filed by Rep. Smizik, to "enable" any city or town to save expiring housing, if they choose, AT NO COST to the State or localities.

SD 947 or HD 2805 would allow cities or towns to:

Require "expiring use" owners to renew expiring Section 8 contracts with HUD to preserve apartments for future low income seniors and families.

Requires "expiring use" owners to convert HUD rental vouchers to Project Based Vouchers, preserving affordable housing for future tenants while also allowing current tenants to move.

Prevent conversion to condominiums.

Allow cities to restore affordable rents for at least some of the 8,637 apartments which have already been converted.

Promote sales to nonprofits who pledge to keep the property affordable, when they can assemble the funds.

HD 3203 also includes a provision to extend expiring use restrictions after 13A mortgages end. This is a key provision needed to prevent mass displacement of 4,200 13A mortgage tenants.

Rep. Rushing will also soon file a Home Rule Petition passed unanimously by the City of Boston to provide identical protections as HD 3203, to prevent displacement of 600 families at Mercantile Wharf, Babcock Towers, Forbes Building, Newcastle-Saranac, and other 13A buildings in Boston.