In recent years, HUD tenants have been subjected to new, often intrusive recertification and cross checking of government databases by the enterprise income verification (EIV) system mandated by HUD. In addition, many tenants have received inadequate or improper utility allowances resulting in higher rents.  


Resources for More Information

How Your Rent is Determined by HUD's Office of Housing

Documents to be Signed at Recertification by Performance Based Contract Administration (New York)

Acceptable Forms of Verification from HUD's Occupancy Handbook, Appendix 3

Guidance for Development of Individual Consent Forms from HUD's Occupancy Handbook, Appendix 6-A

Document Package for Applicants/Tenant Consent to the Release of Information from HUD's Occupancy Handbook

Owner's Certification of Compliance with HUD's Tenant Eligibility and Rent Procedures from the HUD Office of Housing 


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