You have the right to live in decent, sanitary housing; the right to have repairs done in a timely manner; the right to be notified in writing, of any non-emergency inspection or other entry into your apartment; the right to fair and equal treatment and use of your building’s services and facilities without regard to race, color, religion, gender, disability, familial status (children under 18), national origin (ethnicity or language) or some circumstances, age.

HUD policy also clearly states that tenants in HUD Assisted Housing have the right to organize tenant groups. Visit the right to organize and how tenants can organize sections of this website for more information.

Decent, Safe, & Sanitary Housing

You have a right to Decent, Safe and Sanitary Housing. You can read HUD’s Quality Standards. In this document, the highlighted portion is HUD’s definition of Decent, Safe, and Sanitary Housing.

The Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) is responsible for ensuring these quality standards. For more information about REAC, visit REAC’s web site.

REAC has also created a general flyer explaining the inspection process.

Rent Calculation

You also have the right to have your rent calculated properly. In February, 2002, HUD distributed the Rent calcuation Fact sheet. Included in the fact sheet is a detailed explanation of how your rent is determined.


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