The Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants (MAHT) organizes, trains and provides technical assistance to tenant groups in privately owned HUD or Mass Housing subsidized multifamily housing, currently representing over 8,000 predominantly low-income families in Eastern and Central Massachusetts. MAHT’s mission is to preserve and improve at-risk buildings as permanently affordable housing with a maximum of resident participation, ownership and control.

MAHT’s strategy is to “organize the unorganized” HUD tenants in at-risk buildings before owners decide to opt out of HUD subsidy program. By joining MAHT, tenant groups can increase their collective bargaining strength and access with owners, HUD, Mass Housing and other agencies. By building local tenant unions, area wide coalitions, and a strong national union, HUD tenants can Save Our Homes.

Founded in 1983 as the nation’s first and most accomplished area wide HUD tenant coalition, MAHT is the only resident-run, membership coalition providing organizing and technical assistance to HUD and MassHousing tenants in Eastern and Central Massachusetts.

MAHT is a membership coalition of tenant associations in privately-owned subsidized multifamily housing. Click here for more information on how your tenant association can join MAHT.