MAHT supports New and Old Member Groups

As MAHT has continued to win victories and save homes, new groups have been added, including renewed membership from the Ocean Shores Tenants Association in Lynn, and St. Botolph Terrace Tenants Association in the Fenway. MAHT led a workshop at Ocean Shores to hear the needs of tenants while offering well-tested strategies to produce results. The SBTTA plans a meeting with their owner soon.

Meanwhile, MAHT has held several meetings at Georgetwone Homes, 967 apartments in Hyde Park. In 2013, Georgetowne’s owner, Beacon Communities, received $130 million from HUD for major reno-vations. MAHT fought to have widespread water leaks and mold ad-dressed at the time, but tenants still report extensive water leaks, mold, sewage backup and rodent infestation. Referring to photo-graphs collected of units in 2013, MAHT organizers have gathered new photos revealing almost identical issues in many apartments. With these survey results, MAHT and Georgetowne Tenants United hope to solve these issues once and for all at a meeting with Beacon in the near future.

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